• Douglas McCausland

Busy Weekend and the TAK Ensemble

Wow, I just finished one incredible weekend... First, I performed on Stanford KZSU Radio's "Day of Noise", then had a premiere with the incredible TAK Ensemble for "Black Amnesia", after that we did a thorough audio and video recording session for the work, and then wrapped it all up with a performance at the 2019 EUREKA! Musical Minds of California Festival. Needless to say, I'm exhausted, but expect to see the new work soon! Pictured below are the five Stanford composers who wrote works for TAK, and then the ensemble as well; from left to right:

Julie Herndon, Ellery Trafford, Marina Kifferstein, Charlotte Mundy, Carlos Cordeiro, Hassan Estakhrian, Laura Cocks, Julie Zhu, Douglas McCausland, and Nick Virzi


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