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Website Re-Structuring!

Hello! After making extensive use of the "blog formatting" system during my MSc final project work at the University of Edinburgh, I've decided to make a slight structural change to the way I make posts here on the site... The short version is that I have decided to combine what the "News" and "MSc Thesis Blog" pages into one. In an effort to keep information available on the site from past posts in the News section, I will be condensing those posts into a single entry that catalogues any posts made before today's date: September 27, 2018. I hope this new format will allow me to more easily post content to this site as I continue working on projects...

While my large-scale [re] // Glossolalia project may be finished, there are plenty of upcoming projects while I begin my doctoral studies at Stanford - stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by.

Kind regards,

-Doug M


Posts from before September 27, 2018:


MSc Thesis Underway / Upcoming Performances

May 15, 2018

Hello! I have a slew of updates to get through here, so I apologize for the "bullet-point" style update. However, I will be incredibly busy over the coming months, and will likely not have a lot of time to provide a more robust update before September. In the meantime, I will be regularly updating other portions of my website, details below:

  • Work on my thesis project towards my MSc in Digital Composition and Performance has officially started, though I've been "unofficially" working on it for the past few weeks when I have been able. I am creating a large-scale companion work to Glossolalia in the form of an installation / performance series at the Talbot Rice Gallery here in Edinburgh. The work in question is called [re]Glossolalia, and will have its opening performance (which starts off the exhibition) on the evening of May 25. Following this first performance, the "echoes" will continue on at various locations throughout the gallery, developing over time until it ultimately culminates in a final performance at the gallery in late June. I have added a new page to my site above called "MSc THESIS BLOG" where you can track the work's development and listen to / watch samples! A documented digital version of the project will also be released in the late summer, possibly in a number of formats.

  • On June 1, I will be performing a live electronics set of my work at the Fruitmarket Gallery here in Edinburgh alongside the incredible Jules Rawlinson and Marcin Pietruszewski. While I'm still determining the specifics of my set, I will likely be performing both Cassette Studies I & II, and excerpts from [re]Glossolalia.

  • On June 8, I will be performing Cassette Studies I & II at the 2018 Klingt Gut! Symposium on Sound in Hamburg. This will be my first time performing in Germany, and I'm very excited for the opportunity - and to meet everyone else at the festival.

  • In mid-late July, Glossolalia for alto saxophone and electronics will be premiered at the 2018 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival - performed by the incredible Kyle Landry. I'm currently finishing up the final versions of the patch and he is on track with rehearsals.

  • Meanwhile, through the remainder of the summer following the closing of the exhibition at the Talbot Rice Gallery, I will be wrapping up the documentation work for my thesis (including the written document and prepared digital release). Additionally, I will also be trying to squeeze in time here and there to keep working on ex-log.01b, which is going to be an "expansion pack" of sorts to ex-log.01. Check my SoundCloud for teasers!

  • Finally, towards the end of the summer I will be moving with Courtney to the Bay area in California in order to begin my studies as a DMA in composition fellow at Stanford University.


Upcoming Festival Features / Performances
March 20, 2018

I recently received notice that my work Glossolalia, a work which started as a project for trumpet, but grew into a collaboration with saxophonist Kyle Landry will possibly be included at a couple fantastic events! The first is a possible feature currently in the works at the University of Edinburgh's Talbot Rice Gallery, though the details for this are still being ironed out - so officially unconfirmed for the moment. However, the work has officially been given an approval for performance at this year's New York City Electro-acoustic Music Festival - with Kyle at the helm! I'm still working out the details for my attendance, but am very thankful to be able to participate in such a great event and meet up with friends old and new.

Meanwhile, Cassette Studies I & II will once again be featured at an upcoming festival. This time, I will be performing the work at the upcoming 2018 Klingt Gut Symposium on Sound this summer in Hamburg, Germany at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences / Audio Engineering Society.

Finally, I will be spending the coming months shaping my thesis for my current MSc program at the University of Edinburgh - a task that will no doubt be both demanding and enjoyable. Thanks for reading!


Upcoming Performances / Stochastic Work
February 27, 2018

I meant to post this sooner, but there are a number of performances I would like to mention in the coming month, as well a recent performance feature. This past week I performed Cassette Studies I & II as part of the University of Edinburgh's Musica Nova festival alongside works by Tom Mudd, Pete Stollery, Kotoka Suzuki, and many more. In the coming month on March 17 I will be performing Cassette Studies again at the Sounds Like THIS Festival's Electric Saturday series at the University of Leeds. Additionally, Aaron Hynds will be performing Alone on Repeat at the University of Nebraska Kearney New Music Festival 2018 over the weekend of March 9-10. I have numerous additional opportunities potentially coming on the near horizon, check back soon!

I also just finished a brief work called STOCH~, which is a stochastic system programmed in Max/MSP 7 which makes use of various methods of synthesis, markov models, and feedback systems. I will hopefully be sharing a recording very soon.


Doctoral Studies and the Future
February 4, 2018

As I have now received it in writing, verified that I’m not in fact dreaming, and accepted the offer, it looks like I can share some incredibly exciting news! After a decade of studying music, after pursuing degrees at three different universities, and with a lot of hard work already done, I will finally commence my doctorate studies in composition at Stanford University starting in the fall of 2018. This is a huge step for me in my personal and professional development, and I’m immensely happy that I can pursue my doctorate at such an incredible, forward-thinking institution, with such wonderful and welcoming faculty. I am keenly aware that I have been helped immeasurably along the way by numerous people, and if you’re still reading this - I want to thank you for the influence you’ve had on my journey.

Also, after three Michigan winters and a Scottish winter, I think it’s time my wife, Courtney, and I lived somewhere a little warmer - sunny California awaits! Now, to enjoy the rest of this MSc here in Edinburgh, celebrate, and continue the adventure!


EP Release: ex-log.01 //inside the megastructure
January 16, 2018

I have just publicly released my EP winter project entitled ex-log.01 //inside the megastructure. This project is a collection of tracks which draw on my more "non-academic" influences, ranging in styles from metal, to noise, to glitch, to industrial, to ambient, and so on. While this music doesn't have the same degree of development or extensive introspection, planning, or social commentary as my primary compositional output, I've decided to couch it as somewhat of an "other" category within my larger work. As such, I'm sure its blatantly obvious the influence that genres such as metal and noise have on my primary compositional output, so I felt this wasn't too far a creative stretch. This EP is meant to be fun, and shouldn't be taken too seriously - though I certainly hope you enjoy it.


Upcoming Release and Updated Gallery
January 01, 2018

In the coming weeks I will be putting the finishing touches on a winter project, which I have been teasing on my SoundCloud. My primary composition is proceeding on finishing up the Max patch for 'Glossolalia' in order to continue rehearsals - as well as beginning on my thesis for chamber ensemble and electronics. Meanwhile however, I have been working quietly on an EP of music that really shows how modern noise music and metal has influenced my creative voice. Release upcoming!

Additionally, I have updated my gallery to include a number of images I have created as cover art for my compositional work. While I don't consider myself a "visual artist", I am consciously working to develop the skills to craft a visual aesthetic that matches the palette I work with sonically.


Upcoming Performances of Alone on Repeat
December 26, 2017

I have just received word that my work Alone on Repeat will be featured in a number of upcoming performances at the Eastman Audio Research Studio's Fall Concert (performed by Brett Copeland), The 2018 New Music Festival at the University of Nebraska Kearney (performed by Aaron Hynds), and in a guest recital at the University of Missouri Columbia (performed by Aaron Hynds). I'm extremely grateful for these opportunities!


Welcome to my website!
December 23, 2017

After years of writing notes to myself in my "TO DO" list, I've finally put some time aside to create my own website. Though I expect this will be a somewhat turbulent space for some time, I hope to keep it updated regularly to represent my current and past professional work. If you have found yourself here, I greatly appreciate your visit and hope that you will check back periodically to see what new projects I'm working on. Please feel free to reach out to me in the contact form, and don't hesitate to find me on Facebook!

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