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why do you distort your face? // 2022

Live Electronics Performer and Video

Duration // 9'30" (app.)

Commissioned by the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS), why do you distort your face? is a piece composed for real-time electronics performer and video.

Conceptually, why do you distort your face? is a visceral and chaotic investigation of anxiety, perception of self, dysmorphia, and the disconnect between mind and body, specifically as it relates to the entanglement of mental health and trauma.

This piece makes use of a bespoke electronic performance interface (MH2 / CH2) which, with the assistance of supervised machine-learning processes, leverages the voice, hands, and gestures of the performer to afford a high-degree of control over an array of digital synthesis engines and spatial controls.

“This is not for you.” - Johnny Truant / MZD


This work marks the first substantial milestone in the ENTANGLEMENT project, a large-scale work for live electronics performer and video.  ENTANGLEMENT is my doctoral dissertation for my degree in music composition from Stanford University; expect more soon.

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