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Setup at Talbot Rice // First Wave

I'm currently working at the Talbot Rice Gallery in order to set up the physical aspects of the installation, including speakers, motion-detectors, cable runs, etc. Meanwhile, this is also allowing me the chance to listen to some test renders of audio in the space, and it's all sounding very exciting! This work is building up to the preview event, which will mark the performance and release of the first wave of material. There's already been a lot of work to get to this point, including extensive composition of fixed-media materials, development of performance systems, and performance hardware - it's the first large step towards completing this project, though there's a long way to go still from here. As I've said before, this project will be developing over time, with updates made to the nodes throughout the duration of the exhibition, and building towards a final performance in late June. So there's still plenty to be done, more information coming very soon!

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