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Setup at Talbot Rice (Continued) // Preview Event

Work is almost complete with the physical installation of the speakers and equipment into the space at the Talbot Rice Gallery! Six speakers, PIRs, and media players have been placed throughout the gallery's entry routes, which will all start playing echoes, fragmentary sound, and distorted interactions following the first performances at the preview event this coming Friday, May 25th at 6:00pm - 8:00pm. It's been an immense amount of work to get the first wave of materials ready for this installation, with a couple months of work crammed into just a few short weeks. Meanwhile, the work will continue for the next five weeks as the piece is progressively updated and developed over the duration of the installation - with small ad-hoc performances taking place at the gallery in dialogue with the pre-composed content and spatial interactions. Please come to the opening event if you are able - and check out the pictures below of parts of the setup process.

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