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MSc Thesis Project: Submitted

I had hoped to get another blog post or two in here somewhere before the due-date for this project, but it seems that wasn't in the cards. However, I am very excited to say that this project has been completed and submitted to the University of Edinburgh. All that's left now is to await the marking results...

In the meantime however, I can share the various links for the internet posting of the completed work.

First, the works were collected into a digital release on BandCamp, which can be found here:

Second, a playlist of all the video documentation, including a lot of new materials not previously

shared to the blog can be found here:

Third, for those especially interested, a small database of the thesis materials can be found on a Google Drive located here:

For those who followed along throughout this project, thanks so much for your support - I hope the works speak to you. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the project, or questions about my other professional activities!


-Doug McCausland

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