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I saw your father here yesterday... // 2015

Trombone and Electronics

Duration // 12'30"

for Sean Biehn

I want to begin by thanking Sean Biehn for his support during the writing of this piece. His enthusiasm, openness, and extraordinary capabilities as a player and musician are what made this piece possible.

This piece is dedicated to my grandmother Margaret McCausland who suffered through the slow decline of a disintegrating mind for the final years of her life. The narrative of the piece, and the title, are taken from something she said to my father one of the last times I saw her – some twenty-five years after my grandfather passed.  As such, I saw your father here yesterday… exists as a musical exploration of nostalgia, as well as the terrors and uncertainties of the human psyche.  The electroacoustic elements are used to augment the narrative sonically, not unlike a mind fracturing over time, uncertain if what is happening is real or just a delusion.


The electronic elements of this performance are realized through patches of live sound processing in pure data, as well as through a 'flexible' set of media created beforehand. Additionally, the premiere performance utilized a Korg Kass Pad 3 for some additional granulation of the trombone signal.

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